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Mary Sevasta
Beauty and Slimming Clinic

Mary Sevasta Beauty and Slimming Clinic is expertly-run by owner Mary Sevasta, an ex-student of world-renowned Ann Gallant Beauty Therapy School in Coventry UK and who obtained ITEC qualifications abroad.

Mary Sevasta is solely responsible for the administration and marketing of salon products and equipment for non-surgical facial and body treatments.

An expert in the beauty industry and one of Malta's pioneer beauty therapists with years of experience, various educative slots on local television networks and a household name in the beauty market, Mary Sevasta has helped hundreds of clients who have benefited from her services.

The goal of this website is Mary Sevasta's sharing of knowledge and expertise on beauty, on how this can be enhanced and how long-term results can be achieved whatever the problem, being facial or figure correction can be.

In Mary Sevasta's words, "Remember, a problem shared is always a problem less on your shoulders, your age, sex and role in life. After all, life is too short; so what is wrong in getting what is best for you through any of my highly effective treatments. Look good and feel great!"